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Architecture has now become one of the most popular fields in India. Many aspirants are trying their hands in this industry and look for a job that can take them to the top. Of course, every experienced or emerging professional claims to be the best architects in Gurgaon but only a few are able to impress the recruiters. Certainly, it is your CV that makes the first impression of recruiters and you better ensure that it is excellent. How? Read these tips:

Avoid stand-alone CV

Let’s start with the first rule, i.e., to never send you CV alone. It’s not your academic qualification that matters to the recruiters but your work experience and skills. There are a plethora of architects in Gurgaon. Plain text explaining from where you did your graduation and when you completed your studies will not capture the attention of any employer. You will need to attach an impressive cover letter along with your past work and projects. This will give an insight into what you really can achieve and build using your capabilities.
Take care of grammar and presentation

The visual presentation of your CV can make or break your chances of getting hired. Your portfolio must appeal to the recruiters at one glance and should compel them to call you for the interview. The content should precisely describe your career and education in the most interesting manner. Moreover, make sure that the content is free from grammatical errors and spelling slip-ups. Ask your friend or a family member or your mentor to review your CV to identify all the mistakes.

Include team projects

Although it is your personal skills that will decide your fate, recruiters still look for the candidates who can work in a team and can adapt with time. Constructing a building is not the work of one professional but involves a group of experts who come together to create something brilliant. Everyone has a task to do and a goal to achieve. Therefore, let your employer know that you are a team worker and you never know that you might get the chance to work with the best architects in Gurgaon.

Explain your duties

Simply mentioning the name of your past projects is not enough. Recruiters want to know what was your contribution to the whole project and what you learned during the process. So, while you list all the buildings that you have been involved in to design, you should also mention what were your duties and responsibilities. Also, if you have lead a team or have delivered some successful projects, highlight them in a way that it catches the attention of your recruiter.

Sometimes simple is better

Companies get hundreds of applications from architects in Gurgaon. No one has time to go through all of them and read each line. They just have a glance and the ones that manage to capture their attention at once, get the interview call. So, rather than making a complicated CV, create something will describe you in fewer words and convey your personality easily. Recruiters have just 1 minute to decide whether you will get an interview call or not and you have to make the best impression using your words and your work pictures.

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